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Grrrls Night Out KonzeRRRt STERRRN festival DJ Workshops DJ Crew DJ Forum Rrradio Grrrls* Jam YOUTH Grrrls* Jam ExtRRRa Tontrrräger Grrrls Choir Grrrls Chor LIVE

Grrrls Night Out

The main event series of Grrrls KV

Image: Larissa Zauser

In 2009, the first Grrrls Night Out (GNO) initiated the founding of the Grrrls Kulturverein.

Several times a year, this cross-divisional event series converts a common motto into various art forms (music & performance, fashion & styling, interior design) with a feminist tongue-in-cheek approach

A summary of previous GNO photo galleries can be found here.

Grrrls Night Out Events Overview


Feminist concert series

Image: Denisa Hurna

Multiple times a year we present feminist artists in various locations in our concert series KonzeRRRt. Next to local talents we book national and international live acts. The Grrrls DJ Crew completes the evening with eclectic sets.

In cooperation with open air cinema host Lesliehof we developped two special KonzeRRRt formats: KonzeRRRt de Lux, where we show three bands open air, and ScRRReening - a combination of a concert with a thematically fitting movie screening.

KonzeRRRt Events Overview

STERRRN festival

Even when you can't see them they're there

Image: Hanna Gerhardt

As a super deluxe version of our Grrrls Night Out event series we could start our very own festival in 2022. Funded by a special grant from BMKÖS for open air events we started out with a 2 day queerfeminist culture festival at the Austrian Sculpturepark in Premstätten, south of Graz.

The event is organized as a multidisciplinary festival with various performance areas within the festival area, and was succesfully repeated as a 1.5 day festival in 2023. We are working hard on the annual continuation of our succesful format - stay tuned!

More information about all things STERRRN can be found on our extra website and in our Frrrisch blog.

The festival movie for STERRRN 2022 by Anouk Schober and Alina Kozlova can be viewed here: STERRRN festival Film

The photo galleries for STERRRN festival 2022: Day 1 - Day 2
The photo galleries for STERRRN fest 2023: Day 2

STERRRN festival Events Overview

DJ Workshops

Learn how to DJ

Image: Lena Prehal

The Grrrls DJ Crew offers DJ workshops for FINTA and teenagers. Even with contributions by special guest instructors our workshops are hosted for free. Single workshops are also customizable and bookable for events.

An extra special version of our DJ workshops took place in 2020/21 under the title of "gut aufgelegt" (ca. "putting on happiness") as part of the Grazer Kulturjahr 2020.

DJ Workshops Events Overview

DJ Crew

DJ Events with our Crew

Image: Juli Krepler

The Grrrls DJ Crew, consisting of 13 performers, was founded in 2017 due to the underrepresentation of WLINT+ DJs in the (Graz) club scene and understands itself as an active contribution to lived equality.

The collective promotes young talent and holds workshops and DJ forums for exchange of knowledge and information, practice, experience and networking.

DJ Crew Events Overview

DJ Forum

Practicing DJing together

Image: Lena Prehal

We meet regularly at KulturKotter to practice DJing. DJ Forum offers all FINTA DJs a safe space for exchange and learning - all levels welcome! Come by and practice your skills with CDJs, vinyl turntables, mixers and sound system. Participation is free - please sign up for a specific date by sending us an email to grrrls@grrrls.at.

DJ Forum Events Overview


Grrrls.at on free radios

Image: Hanna Gerhardt

GRRRLS NIGHT IN - A Journey Through Feminist Music History

In "Grrrls Night In", queer-feminist themes and concepts are explored through selected musical examples and informative content. Music from all genres that unites a queer-feminist mindset is presented along with background information about the artists and their songs, as well as their societal context. Interviews with women* from the scene, recommendations for further literature, films & documentaries, event tips, and insights into current developments and discussions round out the programme. In addition, special radio DJ sets predominantly by local FINTA* DJs and music recommendations and favorite songs from artists and activists provide additional diversity of musical content.

Every 2nd Friday from 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM & every 2nd Sunday from 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM on Radio Helsinki. All broadcasts are available for listening on the archive of the free radios!

Rrradio Events Overview

Grrrls* Jam

Be Loud.

Image: Grrrls KV

These jam sessions offer room for WLINT+ people from the ages of 16 to 116 to try their hand at (new) instruments, to make music together (under instruction) and to compare notes. No prior knowledge is necessary – the only thing that matters is a desire to make music together. Each evening will be instructed by local musicians from the Graz music scene.

Registration via email to jam@grrrls.at.

Grrrls* Jam Events Overview

YOUTH Grrrls* Jam

Jam Sessions für Kinder und Jugendliche

Image: Grrrls KV

Das Jugendformat der Grrrls Jam-Sessions bietet jungen Frauen und Mädchen ein breites Experimentierfeld zum Kennenlernen von E-Gitarre, Schlagzeug und Co. Musikalische Vorkenntnisse sind nicht notwendig und erlaubt ist alles, was Spaß macht.

Für Schulen, Jugendzentren etc.  halten wir gerne individuell angepasste Workshops oder YOUTH Grrrls* Jams ab.

Weitere Informationen und Anmeldung per Email an grrrls@grrrls.at.

YOUTH Grrrls* Jam Events Overview


Specials from the House of Grrrls

Image: Grrrls KV

In addition to our regularly hosted events the Grrrls Kulturverein also repeatedly organises exciting special events.

With creative workshops, inspiring feminist discussion and even co-operations with like-minded clubs we continuously expand our own club’s cultural calendar.

ExtRRRa Events Overview


Curated feminist music

Image: Hanna Gerhardt

The Grrrls Culture Club regularly produces mixtapes and other media with artists and feminist musicians who have already performed at Grrrls.at events. All music products and other merchandise can be discovered in our goodie section.

Tontrrräger Events Overview

Grrrls Choir

A Choir in Graz - made by women, for feminists

Image: Johanna Lamprecht

The Grrrls Choir was founded in 2021:

Singers of any level and experience are invited to join together to sing. A special focus is put on providing compositions that are rewarding to sing for various for lots of different experience levels, as well as keeping the execution in the hands of an all-female artistical and organisational team.

New arrangements and compositions are provided to the ensemble by FLINT composers with relations to the city of Graz. Altogether there will be 4 chapters to the program, which will be presented as a stage production when complete.

Current information can be found on the sub-site https://chor.grrrls.at , and additional questions will be answered by mail via chor@grrrls.at . We will make sure to get back to you asap!

Grrrls Choir Events Overview

Grrrls Chor LIVE

Öffentliche Auftritte des Grrrls Chors

Image: Hanna Gerhardt

Der Grrrls Chor ist für Auftritte und Kooperationen buchbar. Für Anfragen bitten wir um eine Email an chor@grrrls.at!

Grrrls Chor LIVE Events Overview

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