They are green, because they are young (the band was formed when the girls were 15) and still new to the scene. And they are green, because they are aware there are many things we can do to make this world better.


Rukola supports vegetarians, being human, treating animals and environment better. “We want to be positive and believe that we can change something, even if only bringing smile to the audience,” says one of the two female lead singers, Eva.
They are Rukola, because the name had to be green too, but they didn’t want to be just an ordinary salad. So they became a slightly bitter but yet special and delicious Rukola.
The two female front singers are creating a special atmosphere with melodic vocals and dancing all around the stage. It’s a show and it’s feminine. Rukola is a feminine band with feminine philosophy. It’s sometimes naïve, sometimes loud, but always positive and determined to have fun. Rukola
The first album is titled ‘Kiss in olje’.
Through the years the band grew up and since they are not teens anymore the music changed too. New material brings raw and faster sound with more direct statements. “We felt that we have outgrown some things we did on the first album. So the next step was going further, faster and deeper. That is to be seen in the new songs we are making,” stated Eva and Lea.

(Eva Tomažič, Lea Dvoršak, Tadej Pomperger, Franci Novak, Bojan Tomažič) Laibach, Slovenien

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