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Im Rahmen des Grazer Kulturjahrs 2020 wird die DJ-Workshop-Serie gut aufgelegt umgesetzt, in denen über Musik als universelle Sprache Frauen* zum gemeinsamen Erlernen des DJings angesprochen werden sollen. Beim kreativen Prozess werden soziale und kulturelle Differenzen schrittweise gemeinsam überwunden.
Zielgruppe der Workshops sind Österreicherinnen* und Frauen* mit Migrationshintergrund.

DJ-Workshop #2

DJ-Workshop #3

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Grrrls Night Out

In this concert series we offer experiences of a vast creative range. Female artists active in music, fashion and interior space design come together to realize a common theme for the night.

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This concert series, played in various locations, is committed to presenting mostly female musicians. We show bands and give budding DJs a stage, supported by the dedicated Grrrls DJ Crew.

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Grrrls DJ Crew

The Grrrls DJ Crew forms an active, open collective within the club and invites you to dance. Apart from making you shake it at numerous events, the crew offers young talents the possibility to grow as performers. Workshops and DJ panels are organized as opportunities for exchange, practice and performance.

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Grrrls* Jams

Monthly get-together in the practice room, for women & transgenders of any musical expertise level. Various instruments are provided for trying out, and musicians guide you through the evening. Your skills don’t matter as long as you’re eager to play music together with others – be it newbies, beginners or pros!

Normally the jam is hosted every first tuesday of the month. Pleae sign up with a simple mail to grrrls[at]grrrls.at in advance!

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YOUTH Grrrls* Jam

To this Jam we invite girls to try out E-guitars, drums, microphones and many instruments more, even if they’ve never played an instrument before. Any musical style is welcome, as long as fun is being had! Mobile jams and individual workshops are also available and can be brought to youth centres, schools, etc.

For additional information and booking, please send an inquiry to grrrls[at]grrrls.at.

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Grrrls Night In

Corona-Special: Sorry we’re open > Social DisDancing

In dieser wöchentlichen Sendung auf Radio Helsinki werden exklusive Sets von DJs* aus dem Dunstkreis der Grrrls DJ Crew präsentiert, die Künstler_innen* sind außerdem im Gespräch mit Lilly Jagl zu hören.

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Neben regelmäßig abgehaltenem Programm wie Konzerten, Jams und Radiosendungen organisiert der Kulturverein immer wieder spannende Sonderevents. Kreative Workshops und Kooperationen runden das breite Programm ab.

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Grrrls Prrroductions

We publish music by bands that are of feminist spirit and heart, and/or have performed at Grrrls events.

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Hier folgen Presseartikel, Interviews und andere Medienauftritte mit und über den Kulturverein.